Technology use in the Sea to Sky School District continues to move forward. We are now in the third year of a procurement plan where the schools have matched $300,000 in funding provided by the Whistler-Blackcomb Foundation to enhance their learning environments through improved access to mobile devices. The Board of Education has also contributed more than $150,000 per year beyond the established budgetary supports to improve infrastructure and put devices in the hands of educators to help build skills and confidence developing student competencies through the Technology Pathway.

This will be another big year for School District No. 48 as we will be transitioning our student information system from BCeSIS to MyEducationBC for mid-year, and our primary Internet provider from PLNet to the Next Generation Network in the spring. The former will require the direct training of more than 400 employees and the latter will require extensive upgrades to our district hardware. Both of these changes are highly anticipated as we expect them to have a great impact on student learning in our district, and benefit many of our business practices as well.

The plan below describes the evolving work in our district, and is iterative in nature. The work described in “Year Zero” occurred while the Plan was still developing and “Year One” describes the work of last year. Expect new versions to be published as key milestones are reached and our district planning processes continually evolve.

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