Learning and Achievement

It will always be difficult to know exactly what a student needs to be successful. However, we do know there are key competencies that will prepare any person to respond and adjust with flexibility and confidence to life’s challenges. 

In order to support our students, our district is encouraging a focus on higher order skills through a balanced approach that uses the Aboriginal symbol of the Medicine Wheel. Beside each identified competency are words that further describe them within the Medicine Wheel – Self, Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual, and Emotional. 

As well, you will see that each of the student competencies has been further examined through the work of globally recognized learning expert Howard Gardner and his Five Minds for the Future (2009), which describes the Disciplined, Creative, Synthesizing, Ethical, and Respectful Minds. These two broad, overarching views of a complete learner serve to guide our team’s work in leading through the common goal of our school district.