Document Camera Resources

Watch this four minute video for some tips on how to use your Hovercam document camera better. There are more than 60 of these devices out in our schools!

If thrs_HoverCamFlex_128x128is icon exists in your menu bar or on your desktop you have the appropriate software on your computer. If you need to install the software, the instructions are below:

Installing Your T3 HoverCam
This device is not “plug and play” and will require a driver program to run properly. This is the process to download and install this program. These instructions may be enough to get you started as a basic level.
1. Make sure you have the required admin rights and passwords for your school computer, and log in. If you have a security program that prevents changes (such as DeepFreeze) you will have to disable it.
2. Go to this website:
3. Scroll down the page and select either the top program for a Windows computer or the bottom program for a Mac. If your Mac is not running current software this program may not work.
4. The site will ask you to sign in or sign up. If you need to create an account, select this option, then fill in the form that is presented to you. Carefully write down your user name and password as you will need it for the next step, then store it in an appropriate place. You will have to open your email and activate the account.
5. Return to the download page, sign in, then choose the appropriate HoverCam FLEX program for download. Agree to the user terms as needed and click on the DOWNLOAD button. Choose RUN for Windows. Open the download folder then click on the install boxes for Mac.
6. Once the program installs itself you should see a HoverCam icon on your PC desktop. You will have to enter your applications folder for your Mac. Downsize any install boxes that appear on the screen then attach the HoverCam to your computer via its USB cable, then open the actual HoverCam device by sliding the top up and flipping the camera arm outward.
7. If you click on the HoverCam icon the program should open and show you four choices. If you select SCAN and an image of your desk appears on the computer screen, the document camera is working.
* Using the video option will require a fairly powerful computer to avoid stuttering and you may need to enter your preferences or control panel your computer to tell it use the HoverCam microphone to record instead of its default mike. Seek further tech support as necessary.