Apps for Your iPad


DropboxIt can be challenging to move content to and from your iPad because of the lack of ports or usual connections. Dropbox is one of the ways you can get your pictures, videos, or documents from here to there, as well as create sharing and collaboration opportunities for your students. (FREE)


evernote_twitter_profile2I use this program literally everyday to take and organize my notes across all of my devices. Once signed in, you have access to whatever you’ve created, wherever you are, and with whatever you are using. You can also drag and drop documents into the program to use it like Dropbox. (FREE)

Penultimate is a notetaking program that allows you to write, doodle, and dpenultimateiagram and save it across any of your computing platforms, just like Evernote. In fact, it has been purchased by Evernote, so it syncs to Evernote, too.  (FREE)

Nice Calc

This is my favourite calculator program. It has big buttons you can actually see (even if you are now of a certain age) and it makes a pleasmzl.xmjfdwnk.175x175-75ant clinking noise when you touch them. The best feature is that when turn your iPad sideways it becomes two calculators, so you can work alongside a struggling learner. (FREE)

Dragon Dictation

dragon-dictation-bGreat for iPhone 4 and first and second gen iPads that don’t have voice to text (or if your server thwarts you like ours does), this app allows someone who is reluctant to produce written content an opportunity to talk into the iPad, then email the work to a desktop for further editing. In SD48 your iPad must have its default email set to First Class (see the process in the All Staff folder) or use another email address. (FREE)

Khan Academy

An iPad or iPhone and a set of headphones gives students some reKhanal flexibility in regard to getting extra instruction. Over 3600 lessons are available on a wide range of subjects, and though many more are available for secondary, there are some for helpful videos for intermediate age students,       too. (FREE)



This app does the same formative work as Senteo clickers but at zero cost. Set up a class account and find out what your students know in real time as they respond instantly to your check-ins, polls, and quizzes with their iPads, phones, and other devices. (FREE)

Toca Tea Party and My Play Home

ios-apps-on-sale-toca-tea-party     mzl_jdrudyxh_175x175-75  I’ve put these two together because they both build language skills and cultural awareness. Appropriate for very small children or new ESL students, talk with your learner and have them manipulate the scenes. (Both FREE)

VoiceThread and Educreations

These programs allow you to make simple animations by recording your voice while drawing and talking. Make your own lessons or presentations of learning or check out the content that has been made and shared by others. Educreations is used like an interactive whiteboard. VoiceThread can be used to share feedback from multiple users. (FREE)

 voicethread Educreations



Use this app to have students take a series of photos for a presentation of learning, or as part of any project. The retro look can add some artistic flair. Teachers can use it to record moments when their kids are highly engaged.  (99 cents)



As far as finding resources and collaborating with educators who are doing things right now in their classrooms, you absolutely cannot beat this as a tool. Get signed in and start engaging with other learners today! The #ipaded hashtag gives access to non-stop iPad resources and ideas. (FREE)



Have you every wanted to get your class working with iPads or other mobile devices and wondered how much bandwidth was available where you were?  Use this app to find out BEFORE your students get frustrated or to find out if it is the network causing the holdup. (FREE)


Osnap_appThis a really simple to use stop motion photo app that can get students (and adults) of all ages into making animations. A stand that holds your iPad in place is really all you need to get started. Think about adding movement to a presentation of learning! (FREE)

TubePlayer and Playtubeplaytubetubeplayer

The former gives you a nice clean version of Youtube with no commercials playing in the margins. The latter actually allows you to download when you have some bandwidth and save the video in the the SSD, then play it later when you don’t. (FREE)

Presentation notes from iPad 201 Supporting All Learners Feb. 8 at WSS

iPad Rubrics

Here is a website that has several rubrics to help you judge the merits of various educational apps. Learning in Hand: Evaluating Educational Apps

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