SD48 Twitter Users

This is a list of the current SD48 educators who are on Twitter. Be sure to add them to your Follow list and use the #SD48 hashtag when sharing items of educational interest. If you are teaching in the Sea to Sky School District and would like to be added to this list, please email Jenn Morris at the School Board Office. (

Interested in building your Professional Learning Network by having more followers in education?  Here are some simple tips:

  • Be active. You need to give people a reason to follow you and that means adding to the intellectual capital or at least showing that you are involved. Retweet items of interest when you see them and add a little of your own content when you can. Don’t be afraid to share.
  • Follow others. This tells people you are participating in Twitter and may have similar interests.
  • Use hashtags. These are the sorting tools of Twitter and let you see content in specific categories. Use #bclearns for regional content focussing on instruction, #bcpoli for the political conversations, and #bced and #bcedchat for a mixture as well as general content. We use #SD48 for items of specific interest to the Sea to Sky School District.

Have fun and see you in the Twitter timeline!

@bricord Brianne Aldcroft
@salle881 Susan Allen
@Whistlermtngal Lisa Bartlett
@StuartBent Stuart Bent
@kinder_fun Lynne Bouchard
@CameronDixie Dixie Cameron
@alicarmichael35 Alison Carmichael
@seanjcartersean Sean Carter
@jiaicho Ji Ai Cho
@pembycsi Nolan Cox
@eczrnk Ellen Czernick
@mrskdoherty Katrina Doherty
@dunkinsd48 David Dunkin
@aembree Andrew Georgy-Embree
@brayden_gordon Brayden Gordon
@johnhallwss John Hall
@clare_hanbury Clare Hanbury
@whistlerteacher Angela Harris
@dianehartlearn Diane Hart
@coreyhartling Cory Hartling
@suziestarlett Susan Jacobs
@JajicSarah Sarah Jajic
@s2steacher Kelly Jensen
@JodyLanglois Jody Langlois
@susanleslie6 Susan Leslie
@plorette Paul Lorette
@aklowe April Lowe
@rmass Ryan Massey
@mpcsprincipal Jeff Maynard
@LisaMSD48 Lisa McCullough
@Corey_McRae Cory McRae
@adam_quiring Adam Quiring
@suereedbc Sue Reed
@GerhardReimer Gerhard Reimer
@KSaenger Karen Saenger
@whistlerlisa Lisa Smart
@houseofmole Karen Tomlinson