Learning Services: Resources

Welcome to the Learning Services Resources page. Linked below, you will find a variety of forms and documents intended for Learning Services within SD48 and the province of British Columbia.

SD48 Documents
SET BC Set Direct Kits
Return to School Plan Template
Requirements for CLBC PsychologistsCLBC Eligibility FormSchool Physician FAQ
School Physician Communication FormPathway to SBT 1.5 FillableSD48 Learning Services Manual
Community Care PlanRelease of InformationTimeline for Learning Services
Release of Information (Student, Parent)Class Review Form
H Supporting DocumentationD Supporting Documentation
Mental Health Resources  
A Parent's Guide to Teen DepressionAssessment of RiskInformation for Parents about Self-Harm
AnxietyConcussion in Children and TeensMental Health Classroom Fact Sheet
Anxiety BC - for children, adolescents and adultsEating Distorder ResourcesMental Health Facts for Families
Anxiety BC - for parent and childFraser Health - comprehensive list of resources and websitesPosters and Resources on Stress, Anxiety, and more
Youth in BC - crisis lines and crisis chatUBC Resrouces - SELPositive Mental Health Toolkit(Joint Consortium for School Health)
Teach Resiliency: Mental Health LiteracyThe ABCs of Mental Health Teacher ResourceRNAO Resources and Toolkits for Youth Mental health
JACK ResourcesCentre for Addiction and Mental Health: Resources for TeachersResource and Best practices for Kindergarten Transition for Learning Services
Separation Anxiety
Ministry Learning Services  
1701 Category ChecklistIEP Resource Guide for TeachersMOE Public Education Policies: Special Education
BC Ministry Special Education Policy ManualMeaningful ConsultationID Instructional Support Tool
Physical Disability/Chronic Health Support ToolBehaviour InterventionASD Support Tool
English Language Learning  
ELL Standards (FULL)ELL Planning ToolStudents from Refugee Backgrounds Guide
ELL Teaching ResourcesELL Policy and GuidelinesSecondary ELL Strategies and Resources
Benchmarks, Strategies and Resources for Teachers of English Language LearnersELL Checklist
Trauma-Informed Schools
Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Volume 1Helping Traumatized Children Learn: Volume 2
Classroom Strategies Manual
Sexual Health 
Responding to Children's Problem Sexual Behaviour in Elementary SchoolsVictim Service Worker Sexual Assault
Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
Tips & Tools for Supporting Girls and Young Women Navigating Life Online
SOGI EducationTrans Care BC
Critical Incidents
Responding to Critical Incidents: A Resource Guide for Schools
Early Learning Profile  
Early Learning Profiles: TimelinesELP Student Summary Sheet K & G1 May 2017Phonological Awareness
Assessment TipsWord List KindieELP Table of Contents
Grade 1 BenchmarksGrade 1 Student Profile PortfolioKindergarten Benchmarks
ELP IntroductionIsolation InterventionELP Summary Sheet School & Classroom
Suggested Timelines for KSuggested Guidelines for Grade 1Deletion Intervention
Blending Intervention
Other Resources and Websites
Autism OutreachFASD OutreachPOPEI (Provincial Outreach Program for Early Intervention)
BC CASE ResourcesMOE Inclusive Education ResourcesSet BC
Can ChildCommunity Living BC