Instructional Leadership Team

The purpose of the Sea To Sky School District Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) is create safe and powerful reflective learning environments through supporting and connecting classroom teachers around our Pathways to Learning Education Plan. Through focusing on Collaboration, Purpose and Engagement, members of the ILT work with classroom teachers to explore and support all of the possibilities our Education Plan has to offer. From taking a “cool idea” to a developed project, to supporting learning teams with collaborative learning rounds and everything in-between, the ILT is here to support your work and your learning.

UBD Planning Templates:

Teacher – Signal Hill Elementary 

Teacher – Howe Sound Secondary School

Principal – Valleycliffe Elementary School

Teacher – Squamish Elementary School

Teacher – Sea to Sky Learning Connections

Teacher – Don Ross Middle School

Vice-Principal – Garibaldi Highlands Elementary School

How do I access the ILT?

In the Sea to Sky District, our Pathways to Learning education plan guides our work in all classrooms and schools. The Instructional Leadership Team is a structure that is designed to support teacher learning as close to the classroom as possible. If you are interested in working with the ILT as an individual or as a team, you can contact a team member directly through email,  through your principal, or by using the form below.

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