Implementation Day 2013

Implementation Day November 8, 2013, at Don Ross Secondary
“Creating a Common Language- Pathways to Learning”

Thanks for a great day, everyone! We’ve been asked to share the resources from this session.

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This is the link to the Wallwisher page. You are invited to view the responses.

SD48 Implementation Day 2013 Wallwisher

Here are the videos from YouTube. I have not included the drama video as this website is public and there are students involved.

Here are the articles:

5 Kinds Minds for the Future Authentic Learning for the 21 Century

Collaboration Article Making Best Practices Better Native Wisdom of Belonging

Here is the Placemat:

Placemat for Implementation Day 2013

Here is the Powerpoint:

Implementation Day PPT 2013

Presentations from our Nov. 2, 2012, Implementation Day at Don Ross Secondary

Faye Brownlie SD48 Keynote Learning in Safe Schools

Learning in Safe Schools – All Children Belong

Reading Plus – Support Vulnerable Readers and Everybody Else

From Grades to Feedback

Slides from our Pathways to Education Committee Sessions

Pathways to Learning Session Slides Day 1

Pathways to Learning Session Slides Day 2

Pathways to Learning Session Slides Day 3

Pathways to Learning Session Slides Day 4

Pathways to Learning Session slides Day 5