Education Plan Research – 2012


CriticalThinking-A Concept Paper
Creative Thinking and Innovation – Raptis
BC MoE Paper on Personal Responsibility and Social Responsibility
Creativity for Learning in the Primary School – NCSL
The Power of Student Driven Learning – Shelley Wright
Resources for Global Competence – Doug Keely
The Nature of Learning – Centre for Educational Research and Innovation
Growth mindset tempers the effects of poverty on academic achievement

Teacher Learning

Change Leadership Chapter 4
ASCD Articles on Coaching
Changing the Instructional Core- Elmore
The Year We Learned to Collaborate
Shanghai Teacher Quality

Multi-Age Groupings

“Valuing Diversity: The Primary Years” – Janet Brown
The Case for Mixed-Age Groupings in Early Education – Lilian Katz, D. Evangelou and J.A. Hartman 
“CEA Research Study on the Multi-grade Classroom” The Multi-grade Classroom:Myth and Reality A Canadian Study – Joel Gajadharsingh
An Ageless Approach: Why Multiage Classrooms Should Replace Fixed Grade Levels – Mark Nichol
Will My Child Be OK in a Split Class- Chris Wejr
Mixed and Non-Graded Classes in Early Childhood- ERIC
Split and Multi-Grade Classes- Charlie Naylor
Marine Corps base elementary follows 21st century model of group learning
On the Merits of Multi-age Classrooms
Children’s Social Behaviour in Relationship to Participation in Mixed-age or Same Age Classrooms


Parent Engagement

The Difference Between Parent Involvement and Parent Engagement – Larry Ferlazzo


Keys to Effective Feedback- Wiggins
The SD48 Assessment for Learning Page
The SD48 Communicating Student Learning Site