Educational Services

Unless otherwise noted with a separate phone number, education personnel can be reached at:

School District No. 48 School Board Office
37866 2nd Avenue, PO Box 250
Squamish, BC.  V8B 0A2
Phone:       604-892-5228
Toll free:    1-888-746-8820
Fax:           604-892-1038


Education Services

Superintendent of SchoolsLisa
Assistant SuperintendentPaul
Assistant SuperintendentChris
Director of Instruction: Learning ServicesPhillip Clarke
Director of InstructionSusan Leslie
District Principal
Technology & Distributed Learning
District Principal
International Education
Faizel Rawji
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent &
Communications Officer
Jennifer Morris
Local 131
Administrative Assistant to Assistant SuperintendentsKelsey BilnLocal 111
Administrative Assistant to Directors of InstructionLinda EnglishLocal 135
Clerical Assistant
International Education
Janet SmilieLocal 134
District CRTScott McLagan604-932-8875
Speech/Language Pathologist
Cleo DonnellyLocal 135
Speech/Language Pathologist
Kirstin MahlerLocal 135
Speech/Language Pathologist
Monica NolanLocal 127
Hearing Resources
District Wide
Katie Sorensen604-894-6378
Vision Impaired TeacherSharon HendersonLocal 135
School Psychologist
Carrie StrangwayLocal 132
School Psychologist
Cheryl Dolan604-894-6378