Educational Services

Unless otherwise noted with a separate phone number, education personnel can be reached at:

School District No. 48 School Board Office
37866 2nd Avenue, PO Box 250
Squamish, BC.  V8B 0A2
Phone:       604-892-5228
Toll free:    1-888-746-8820
Fax:           604-892-1038


Education Services

Superintendent of SchoolsLisa
Assistant SuperintendentPaul
Assistant SuperintendentChris
Director of Instruction: Learning ServicesPhillip Clarke
Director of InstructionSusan Leslie
District Principal
Technology & Distributed Learning
District Principal
International Education
Faizel Rawji
Executive Assistant to Superintendent &
Communications Officer
Laura Darch
Local 131
Executive Assistant to Assistant SuperintendentsKelsey BilnLocal 111
Clerical Assistant:
Education Department
Denise MorfiniLocal 135
Clerical Assistant
International Education
Janet SmilieLocal 134
District CRTScott McLagan604-932-8875
Speech/Language Pathologist
Cleo DonnellyLocal 135
Speech/Language Pathologist
Kirstin MahlerLocal 135
Speech/Language Pathologist
Monica NolanLocal 127
Hearing Resources
District Wide
Katie Sorensen604-894-6378
Vision Impaired TeacherSharon HendersonLocal 135
School Psychologist
Carrie StrangwayLocal 132
School Psychologist
Cheryl Dolan604-894-6378