School Bus Routes

The Sea to Sky School District wishes to provide the students of the school district with a safe, effective and efficient transportation system to and from school, for students under certain circumstances, as outlined in Regulation 701.1.

If you have questions or concerns about a bus route, contact the transportation supervisor.

2019/2020 BUS ROUTES

NOTE: There may be  changes to routes due to location of students. Any adjustments will be made in September when final numbers are available, and will be posted at that time and distributed be the schools.

For non-eligible students who would like to request Courtesy Ridership on existing school bus routes click here.

Friendly Reminder: School Bus Safety

Who is Eligible for School Bus Transportation
School bus transportation is provided for:

  • Kindergarten to Grade 3 students living more than 3.2 km from the nearest school, and;
  • Grade 4 to 12 students living more than 4.0 km from the school in their catchment area.
  • Exceptions to the above may be made upon application to the Board, where hazardous conditions exist.

Valleycliffe Students Bussing to Howe Sound Secondary School

Students in grades 10 to 12, living in the Valleycliffe neighbourhoods of Ravens Plateau, Crumpet Woods, and Valleycliffe Plateau are eligible to ride the school bus to and from Howe Sound Secondary, with a valid school bus pass.  Students at Howe Sound Secondary School who qualify to ride the Valleycliffe bus will have a special identification number appear on their Student ID card that will be issued after school photos are taken in September.  Once issued, students must carry and show their Student Photo ID card to the bus driver, in order to be admitted onto the bus. Until the passes have been issued, drivers will have a list of students who qualify to ride the bus, and will be asking students to provide their name upon boarding.

Transportation Assistance for Students with Special Needs
In circumstances where special needs students live outside of the walk limits and in the opinion of the Director of Instruction, are unable to ride the school bus, a transportation assistance allowance may be paid to the parents.

Parents of special needs students requesting transportation assistance for their child must make anannual application to the District Principal – Learning Services, by September 30th each year.

Student Conduct on School Buses
Students must follow the Regulations for Conduct on School Buses as specified in Policy 503 Student Transportation (see link below).