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School District 48 Index to Bylaws and Policy

Every effort is made to keep this page up to date. The official versions are kept at the district office.

Series 100 Educational Philosophy

101.1 District Objectives Policy
102.1 Decision Making Policy

Series 200 Board of Education

200  Guiding Principles for the Board Of Education

200.1 Statement Of Guiding Principles for the Board Of Education Policy
200.2 Trustee Role Policy
200.3 Trustee Code of Conduct Policy
200.4 Board Evaluation Policy
201 General Organization
201.1-2016 Trustee Elections Bylaw Bylaw

202 Board Officers

202.1 Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson Policy

203 Procedures Of Operation

203.1 Formulation Of Policy and Regulation Policy
203.2 Access to, Sharing, and Distribution of Information Policy

204 Meetings Of The Board

204.1-2016 Procedures for Governing School Board Meetings Bylaw
204.3 Definitions of Board Meetings Policy
204.4 Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes Policy
204.5 Delegations and Representations to the Board Policy
204.6 Protocol Regarding Concerns About Personnel or Situations within the School District Policy
204.7 Media Coverage Of Board Meetings Policy
204.8 Standing Committee on Finance Policy 
204.9 Standing Committee on Policy Policy

205 Trustee Personnel

205.1 Indemnification Against Proceedings Bylaw Bylaw
205.2 Conflict Of Pecuniary Interest Policy
205.3 Trustee Remuneration Policy AP
205.4 Trustee Expenses Policy
205.5 Trustee In-service Policy
205.6 Trustee Recognition  Policy

Series 300 Administration

300.1 Statement Of Guiding Principles For Administration Policy Reg

301 Senior Administrative Personnel

301.1 Senior Management & District Organizational Chart Policy  Reg
301.2 Evaluation of the Superintendent of Schools Policy

302 Administrative Officer Personnel

302.1 Principals & Vice-Principals and School Organization Policy Reg
302.2 Evaluation Of Principals & Vice-Principals Policy
302.3 Transfer Of Principals & Vice-Principals Policy Reg
302.4 Standard Practice for Principal & Vice-Principal Recruitments Policy Reg

303 Support Staff Administrative Personnel

304 General Administrative Personnel

304.1 Hiring of Management Personnel Policy Reg
304.4 Complaints Related to a Member of the Management Team Policy Reg
304.5 Supervisory Relationships Policy Reg

Series 400 Staff Personnel

400 Statement of Guiding Principles for Staff

400.1 Statement Of Guiding Principles For Staff Personnel Policy
400.3 Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity Policy Reg              AP

401 Employment Practices

401.1 Employment Practices Policy
401.2 Employee Attendance Policy
401.3 Criminal Record Search Policy Reg AP

402 Professional Staff Employment

402.1 Evaluation of Teacher Performance and Supervision for Learning Policy Reg AP
402.2 Staff Absence Due to Extreme Weather Conditions or Emergency Road Closures Policy
402.3 Hiring of Teachers-On-Call Policy Reg AP
402.4 Specialist Positions Policy Reg
402.4.1 School Psychologist AP
402.4.2 Speech and Language Pathologist AP
402.4.3 Teacher of the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing AP
402.4.4 English as A Second Language Teacher AP

403 Support Staff Employment

403.1 Support Staff Evaluation Policy
403.2 Professional Advancement of Support staff Policy Reg

404 Reimbursement and Recognition

404.1 Loss or Damage to Employees’ Property Policy Reg AP
404.2 Refund of Travel and Other Expenses Policy Reg
Expense Claim Form AP1
Mileage Grid AP2
Insurance Differential Form AP3
404.3 First Aid Course Reimbursement Policy
404.4 Employee Recognition Policy

405 Employment Conditions

405.1 District Occupational Health and Safety Committee Policy Reg
405.2 Protection Of Employees from Violence in the Work Place Policy Reg AP
405.3 Harassment and Discrimination Policy
405.5 Smoking Prohibition Policy Reg
405.6 Employee Uniforms, Coveralls, Smocks, Lab Coats and Rainwear Policy Reg
405.7 Communicable Diseases Policy Reg

Series 500 Students

500 Statement Of Guiding Principles for Student Personnel

500.1 Statement Of Guiding Principles for Student Personnel Policy
500.2 Student Appeals Procedure Bylaw  Bylaw

501 Student Attendance

501.1 Student Attendance Policy  Reg
501.2 Student Registration, Enrolment and Placement Policy Reg AP
501.3 Interruptions in Student Attendance Policy
501.4 Home Education Policy
501.5 Provincial Distance Education Schools Policy
501.6 Students Confined to Hospital/Home Policy
501.7 Students Over School Age Policy Reg
501.9 Exchange Students Policy Reg

502 Student Conduct

502.1 District Code Of Conduct Policy
502.2 School Code Of Conduct  Policy Reg AP
502.4 Student Suspensions Policy Reg  AP  Appendices
502.5 Right to Detain Students Policy
502.6 Cyber Misconduct Policy Reg

503 Student Transportation

503.1 Transportation Conduct Policy Reg AP

504 Student Health & Safety

504.1 Student Injuries and Illness Policy Reg
504.2 Administration Of Medication Policy Reg AP
504.3 Child Abuse Investigations Policy Reg AP
504.4 Safety of Elementary Students After School Hours Policy
504.5 Head Lice Policy
504.6 Communicable Diseases Policy Reg
504.7 Smoking Prohibition Policy Reg
504.8 Critical Response Policy Reg
504.9 Anaphylaxis Policy Reg AP
504.10 Schools:  Healthy Living Policy Reg
504.11 Schools:  Healthy Living – Physical Activity Policy Reg
504.12 Schools:  Healthy Living – Nutrition Policy Reg
504.13 Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings Policy

505 Student Rights & Privacy

505.2 Access to Student Records Policy Reg

Series 600 Educational Program

600 Statement of Guiding Principles for the Educational Program

600.1 Statement of Guiding Principles for the Educational Program  Policy Reg
601.1 Local School Calendar Procedures Bylaw Bylaw
601.2 Community Education and Community Schools Policy Reg
601.4 Environmental Sustainability Policy Reg

602 Programs of Instruction

602.1 Homework Policy Reg
602.2 Special Education Policy Reg
602.3 First Nations Education Policy Reg
602.4 French Immersion Programs Policy
602.5 Francophone Programs Policy
602.8 Non-Sexist Instruction Policy
602.9 Portrayal Of Violence Policy
602.10 International Education Policy Reg  AP
602.11 Community Education Policy Reg
602.12 Programs Of Choice Policy Reg AP
602.13 Out of Province Students Policy Reg

603 Instructional Arrangements

603.1 Student Fees and Deposits Policy Reg
603.2 Field Trips Policy
603.3 Sanctioned and Non-Sanctioned Events Policy

604 Student Resources & Support

604.1 Challenged Materials Policy Reg AP
604.2 Advertising/Promotion Policy
604.3 Acceptable Use of Information and Communications Technology Policy Reg AP

605 Assessment & Evaluation

605.1 Assessment & Evaluation Policy
605.2 Evaluation Adjudication Policy
605.3 Challenge Credit Policy Reg
605.4 Equivalency Credit Policy Reg AP
605.5 Research Projects Policy Reg

Series 700 Auxiliary Services

701 Transportation

701.1 Transportation Of Students Policy Reg
701.2 School Bus Drivers Policy Reg
701.3 Volunteer Drivers/Private Vehicles Policy Reg AP
701.4 Interruption of Bus Service: Inclement Weather Policy
701.5 Interruption of Bus Service: Bus Breakdown Policy Reg
701.6 Anti-Idling Policy

Series 800 Business Procedures

800 Statement of Guiding Principles for Business Procedures

800.1 Statement of Guiding Principles for Business Procedures Policy

801 Budget

801.1 Budget Development Policy Reg AP

802 Funds

802.2 School Generated Funds Policy AP
802.3 School Fund Raising Policy Reg
802.4 Financing Francophone Programs Policy

803 Purchasing

803.1 Purchasing Policy
804.1 Employee Use of School Equipment Policy Reg  AP
804.2 Damage or Vandalism to School District Property Policy Reg

805 District & School Records

805.1 Retention & Disposal Of School District Documents Policy

806 Gifts & Donations

806.1 Charitable Donations Policy Reg

Series 900 Buildings and Sites

900 Statement of Guiding Principles for Building and Sites

900.1 Statement of Guiding Principles for Building and Sites Policy
900.2 Non-Partisan/Secular Position Policy Reg

901 Site Acquisition and Facility Construction

901.1 Pre-Planning for District Facilities Policy Reg
901.3 Selection of Architect Policy Reg AP
901.5 Name of Schools Policy Reg

902 Maintenance and Operations

903 Security and Safety

903.1-2016 Intruders on School Property Bylaw Bylaw
903.2 School Security Policy Reg
903.3 Respectful Workplace Policy
903.4 Emergency Preparedness Policy
903.7 Dogs On School District Property Policy

904 Use of School Facilities and Sites

904.2 Portable Classrooms Policy Reg
904.3 Teacherage Rental Policy

905 Disposition of Sites and Closure Of School Facilities

905.1 Permanent School Closure Policy Reg
905.2 Disposal or Acquisition of Land or Improvements Policy Reg

Series 1000 School-Community Relations

1000.1 Statement Of Guiding Principles for School-Community Relations Policy

1001 Communication (See Policy 203.2)

1002 Parent Advisory Councils

1002.1 District Parent Advisory Council Policy
1002.2 School Parent Advisory Councils Policy

1003 Relations Between School and the Public

1003.1 Community Partnerships/Corporate Sponsorships  Policy Reg
1003.2 Incompatible Land Uses near Schools Policy Reg

1004 Community Activities

1004.1 Use of School Facilities – Buildings and Grounds Policy Reg   Reg AP  AP
1004.2 Use of Alcohol on School District Buildings and Grounds  Policy Reg AP

1005 School Planning Councils


1005.1 School Planning Councils Policy  Reg

School District 48 Index to Bylaws and Policy
Every effort is made to keep this page up to date. The official versions are kept at the district office.